Why “Luggage Class” Is Much Better Than First-Class

First Class Bus Thailand

First-Class Bus Passengers Above

Krabi, Thailand

Have you ever traveled luggage-class before? It’s like a billion times more awesome than first-class! These are just some of the reasons why.

First-class. The envy of all travelers everywhere. It’s how the rich get from point A to point B with complementary alcohol, ample legroom, legendary service, and plenty of privacy.

But hold on, there’s a new class in town.

I’m sure you all know someone who’s traveled first-class before. Maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to experience it for yourself. Yet how many people do you know who travel in luggage-class?

Yup. Waaaaay more exclusive.

Luggage Compartment Travel

If you don’t already know, long distance bus travel in Thailand can be very comfortable in first-class. The seats are big, have plenty of leg room, and often recline pretty far back.

A few snacks and drinks are handed out over the course of the journey. VIP class buses also include personal LCD screens with movies games.

Over the past few months I’ve traveled on quite a few of these buses. Sure they’ve been nice. But nothing mind-blowing.

Today I traveled in luggage-class for the first time. Underneath the bus, inside the luggage compartment full of bags.

I sincerely believe it’s the next best thing in luxury travel!

Luggage Class Bus Thailand

Luggage-Class Passengers Below

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