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Antigua, Guatemala

The city of Antigua was once the Capital of Guatemala. That was before major earthquakes destroyed most of it in the 1700’s.

Today it’s a picturesque town that attracts many local and international travelers.

I’ve spent a few days here so far, and even though there are more tourists than some other places I’ve been to in Guatemala, there’s a reason for it. Antigua is very easy on the eyes!

It’s a colorful town, with many interesting ruined churches and monasteries to gaze at every few blocks.

The area is tranquil, and surrounded by mountains volcanoes. December weather in Antigua is cold at night, but warm and sunny during the day.

The streets are filled with people and activity, it’s fun to just aimlessly walk around.

Antigua has many great restaurants too, but for Guatemalan standards they’re a bit on the expensive side. Street food is plentiful though, and a trip to the market can score you a great meal for about $15 Quetzales ($1.80 US).

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