Waterfalls & Waterslides On Taveuni Island

Purple freshwater crabs scurried over the rocks.

Natural Water Slide Fiji

Tell Me This Doesn’t Look Fun?

Waitavala Waterslide

Rather than continue on to the 3rd waterfall, we decided to leave Bouma and visit a natural waterslide located on another section of the island. The Waitavala river is a favorite local hangout for Fijian kids.

We’re all just a bunch of big kids as well, so we had to check it out.

Basically it’s a 50 meter (150 ft.) section of river with small waterfalls and smooth rock chutes that you can slide down like a waterslide. And it’s fast! There are even banked turns on this thing.

The local kids are pros, they were actually barefoot surfing down sections of it standing up!

As for the rest of us, we left with plenty of bruises. But it was incredibly fun nonetheless. ★

Watch Video: Jungle Waterslide Fiji

(Click to watch Jungle Waterslide – Taveuni, Fiji on YouTube)

Ever tried a natural waterslide?

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