Waterfalls & Waterslides On Taveuni Island

Bouma Waterfall Fiji

Famous Bouma Waterfall


Waterfall Hike

The rainforest landscape in Bouma National Park is a feast for the eyes ears. Vibrant red ginger flowers stand out in stark contrast to the copious amounts of green.

Exotic island birds like the orange dove, wood pigeon, and Taveuni parrot serenaded us as we marched.

A series of beautiful waterfalls can be reached while hiking in Bouma National Park. The first one is called Bouma falls, and it’s probably Fiji’s most famous waterfall. It’s quite impressive at 24 meters (78 ft.) tall.

We stopped here for 30 minutes to take a dip in the refreshing Tavoro river water. But I’m not happy until I can find something to jump from…

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