Waterfalls & Waterslides On Taveuni Island

Local Kids Fiji

Fijian Kids on Taveuni

Taveuni Island Villages

The indigenous population of Taveuni survives by growing coconut, kava, breadfruit, cassava, vanilla, and coffee on small plots of family land to feed themselves and earn an income.

Villages are made up of small wooden homes with metal roofs. Sometimes corrugated metal is used to build the whole structure.

Clothelines hang outside each dwelling — although with all the rain and humidity the island gets, it must take days to dry anything this way.

Roads on Taveuni are rough and muddy. In some places streams small rivers were flowing right over them. We passed local kids who enthusiastically waved as our 4×4 van crawled it’s way to the Eastern end of the island to visit the national park.

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