Untamed Wilderness: Hiking The Darien Gap

Darien National Park Panama

Hiking in the Darien Gap

Darien Gap, Panama

Pain suddenly shot through my arm, awakening me in the middle of the night. That was soon followed by no feeling at all. Poison had rendered it completely useless.

Hanging between two trees deep inside the Darien jungle, I was now unable to move my arm.

Surprise. Disorientation. Shock.

Struggling in the dark (with only one arm) to break free of my camping-hammock cocoon, I was finally able to step down into ankle-deep mud and search for help in the pouring rain.

What the hell just bit me?!

Gabriel, my travel companion from Brazil, along with Isaac, our Kuna Indian guide, had both chosen to sleep inside a wooden shelter here at the Rancho Frio ranger station in Darien National Park. I was the only stubborn one who insisted on sleeping outside.

My reason? Listening to the rainforest animals at night. Now I was paying the price for that decision… the animals were attacking me.

Damn you animals! I thought you were my friends?

Darien Poison Dart Frog Panama

Poison Dart Frog

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