Swimming With Bulls: Shark Diving In Fiji

Shark Feeding Controversy

Now if you didn’t already know, feeding sharks like this is a bit controversial. Some say that it trains them to associate humans with food, increasing the odds of an attack. Yet there is zero hard proof of this yet. It’s only speculation.

These diving trips pour much needed money into shark conservation research projects. Without that money, shark populations around the world will continue to rapidly decline. If dive operators don’t pay to help save the sharks, who will? You? The government?

That’s wishful thinking in my opinion. It won’t happen.

The ONLY reason marine life is protected at Fiji’s Shark Reserve is because of the money flowing in from these dive trips. Beqa Adventure Divers teamed up with local villages to ban all fishing here in 2004. The result? A once dying reef is thriving and full of life again.

After over 10 years of feeding sharks here, attacks in Fiji are still just as rare as anywhere else. Averaging 1-2 a year.

It’s important to keep in mind that swimming with sharks is probably a bit more dangerous than watching them on the Discovery Channel.

But don’t fall for all the media sensationalism. Math doesn’t lie. The odds are in your favor. These beautiful and powerful creatures are better seen in person anyway. ★

Watch Video: Shark Diving in Fiji


(Click to watch Shark Diving Beqa: Fiji on YouTube)

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