Swimming With Bulls: Shark Diving In Fiji

Shark Diving Fiji

It was time to suit up and hop off the boat for a 100 foot descent into the ocean. Once at the bottom, local Fijian dive masters positioned us on top of a coral wall, looking down into a sandy pit. Then the feeding began. There was no turning back now!

Two divers pull fish parts from plastic containers attracting a gigantic whirling mass of Jacks, Snappers, and other reef fish. It wasn’t long before the sharks appeared to get in on the action. First it was Nurses, Black Tips, and Grey Reef sharks. At 4 to 6 feet long, they were impressive enough.

But then came the Bulls. Ten foot 400 pounders with menacing teeth.

Most of the big guys kept their distance from us, but just watching their huge forms maneuver through the water was an awe-inspiring sight.

After about 17 minutes of sharky fun, we ascended to a depth of 30 feet to continue the spectacle of motion. Black Tips, White Tips, Grey Reefs, and Nurses swam just a foot or two away from my face among hundreds of colorful red, blue, and yellow reef fish.

Our dive masters used aluminum poles to keep some overly excited sharks from getting too close.

Bull Shark Beqa Fiji

Bull Shark Investigates Us (Credit: Mike Purcell)

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