Searching For A Lost Colombian Drug Plane

Colombians In A Venezuelan Plane

So the backstory of the crash is that a Venezuelan flagged cargo plane was getting chased by an American DEA aircraft in the middle of the night.

Airplanes loaded with drugs would frequently land on the island of Utila’s remote airstrip under the cover of darkness to refuel for a final journey into other parts of Central America closer to the United States. Like Guatemala or Mexico.

The Honduran military was ready for this particular plane though, blocking the runway with trucks so it couldn’t land.

Eventually the aircraft ran out of fuel — crashing hard into the dense jungle nearby.

When military reached the crash site, they found 3 Colombian men with 1.7 tons of cocaine in the airplane’s cargo hold.

The pilot was dead, and two other men were injured. The plane had broken up into 3 pieces – the rocky jungle floor didn’t make for such a smooth landing…


Utila Honduras Jungle Hike

Hiking Through Dense Jungle


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