Searching For A Lost Colombian Drug Plane

Utila Honduras Airstrip

Incriminating Evidence on the Airstrip

Utila, Honduras

In 2009 a cargo plane loaded with 1.7 tons of cocaine crashed on the Honduran island of Utila. A group of us decided to bushwhack through the jungle and find it.

Not wanting to embark on a mission like this alone, I recruited fellow travelers Robert Pookie, from Austria and Thailand, to help me with the quest.

We began our search at the island’s desolate airstrip, known as an occasional refueling station for these drug planes.

Armed with some basic directions and a compass, we entered the wild Honduran jungle. Keeping an eye out for giant spiders snakes as we pushed our way through its thick tropical foliage.

The ground was rocky, made of razor-sharp coral and covered with hermit crabs of all sizes. Some of these were even climbing trees with their little shells strapped to their backs!

Utila Honduras Jungle Spider

Jungle Spider the Size of Your Hand

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