Scuba Diving Thailand’s Colorful Similan Islands

Nudibranch Slug Similan Thailand

Colorful Nudibranch Slug

Similan Islands, Thailand

With a simple wave of my hand, glowing trails of green pixie dust materialized in the dark water. Had I become a wizard? Did someone slip me some something?

Nope. I was just on a 3 day live-aboard scuba diving trip around the Similan Islands with Wicked Diving. Hovering weightlessly in a pitch-black abyss conjuring up spells like Harry Potter!

This was my fourth scuba dive of the day. A night dive. The phenomenon I was witnessing is called bioluminescence. Microscopic plankton that can produce light in the same way a firefly does.

Waving my hand set them off — creating magic dust in the darkness.

Similan Islands Thailand

Beautiful Similan Islands

Similan Island National Park

Located about 30 miles off Thailand’s West coast in in the Andaman Sea, the Similan Islands have been a protected national park since 1982.

The park originally included 9 islands, but 2 more have been added for a total of 11. They are covered with granite boulders, ironwood gum trees, and some include small picturesque white-sand beaches.

But the real reason most people visit is not to lay on the beach, but to snorkel and scuba dive the 5000 year old reefs and boulder fields around the islands.

The sea here is known for it’s amazing visibility, and the underwater wildlife is abundant.

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