Road Tripping Through West Sweden

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Adventures in Sweden with Volvo

This summer I’m road tripping around Western Sweden in a Volvo, exploring the area’s colorful culture, landscapes, and adventure activities.

My Sweden adventure starts the first week of July in the city of Gothenburg, home of Volvo and the country’s 2nd largest city. There I’ll join one of my readers Katie (she also blogs) who won my giveaway last month.

Together we’ll pick up a shiny new Volvo from the factory and spend the next week driving it around Western Sweden, stopping in different locations to partake in various adventures along the way.

Western Sweden is known for it’s beautiful scenery and plenty of outdoor activities to keep even the most adventurous traveler busy. I’m also excited to try local Swedish food and explore the country on our road trip!

Travel to Sweden

Mmmmmm. Local Swedish Lobster!

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