My Caveman Experience: Squatting With Gypsies

Cave Bed Spain

My Luxury Cave Accommodations

Granada, Spain

There’s a remarkable community of gypsy travelers who squat inside abandoned caves in Spain. This is my unusual story of spending the night with them.

Dinner was surprisingly delicious. You’d never know it came from a dumpster.

Earlier that night, my Romanian hosts Sorina Alex disappeared for about an hour to go “recycling”. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Had I known they were out collecting free food, I would have joined them.

Sacromonte is a fascinating neighborhood on the outskirts of Granada.

For over 500 years, families have been living in the caves carved into hills around here. Primarily the Roma (Gitano, Gypsy) people, but also farmers.

However these days another group has also moved in, a community of more modern gypsies (hippies) from all over the world.

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