Journey to Surf Popoyo Beach

Meditating Pink Panther?

Once close to Las Salinas, I kept my eyes peeled for the mysterious meditating Pink Panther sign that marked entrance to the shortcut for Popoyo Beach. When I saw it off on the left side of the road, I stood up to bang on the roof of the bus with my fist.

Locals use the Nica whistle to tell the driver to stop, unfortunately Iā€™m not that talented. šŸ™

I opened the emergency exit in the rear and hopped off with my backpack. The bus sped away in a cloud of dust as I began walking down the dirt road into the sun.

The Pink Panther shortcut passes along a salt marsh, where many families make a living boiling the marsh water to produce mountains of salt. There is so much salt in this area that the ground is covered with a fine layer of it, almost like frost.

Police Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Police

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