Journey to Surf Popoyo Beach

Popoyo Beach Bus Nicaragua

Sweaty Dusty Bus Ride

Popoyo, Nicaragua

It started like most Central American adventures do, inside a chicken bus. The tiny Nicaraguan surf town of Popoyo Beach isn’t easy to get to, but those who embark on the journey are greatly rewarded.

The trip began in the city of Granada, where I jumped on an aging American school bus for a 1.5 hour ride to the town of Rivas.

After pushing past a swarm of 20 different taxi drivers at the Rivas bus station (all of them spewing lies to secure my business), I found a man who honestly told me what time the only bus to the town of Las Salinas would leave at.

The 2 hour bus ride to Las Salinas was cramped, dusty, and hot.

Luckily I was sitting next to a curious little old lady who chatted with me while we munched on tasty empanadas. Vendors would occasionally hop on board to sell food, belts, flashlights, and even underwear.

Popoyo Beach Nicaragua Shortcut

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