Hitchhiking & Road Cheese in Costa Rica

Volcano Irazu Costa Rica

Volcano Irazu Crater Lake

Cartago, Costa Rica

After stranding ourselves on top of Costa Rica’s Volcano Irazu, we needed to find a way back down the mountain to catch a bus to San Jose.

We took a bus from Cartago most of the way up the volcano, then hopped in a jeep with a local guy to get to the top.

Volcano Irazu is not like other volcanoes I’ve visited along my journey. Even though it’s the highest volcano in Costa Rica, there is a road that goes right to the top. This makes it easy to visit if you have a car.

The top of the volcano is often covered with a thick layer of clouds, but luckily we had a short window of time when Irazu’s famous blue/green crater lake revealed itself.

Hitchhiking Volcano Irazu Costa Rica

Hitchhiking in Costa Rica

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