Hiking Corcovado National Park: A Wildlife Adventure

Corcovado Costa Rica

Corcovado National Park

Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Corcovado National Park is a remote environmental reserve in Coast Rica with great hiking past deserted beaches, waterfalls, pristine rainforest, and plenty of wildlife.

Costa Rica has many different National Parks. While Corcovado isn’t exactly the easiest of them to visit, it’s easily been my favorite so far.

There’s no road access to the park’s boundaries. You either have to hike in or arrive by boat or small bush plane.

I opted for the most exhausting and least expensive option. My own two feet!

A physical challenge for sure — but it turned out to be a wonderful choice. After 4 days of solo-trekking through Corcovado, I was able to meet a wide variety of wild animals I’d never seen before.

Snake in Corcovado Costa Rica

Boa Constrictor Guarding Bananas

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