Deep Water Soloing: Climbing Without Ropes

Deepwater Solo Boat Thailand

Sailing the Islands of Thailand

Railay Beach, Thailand

My forearms were burning. Sweat streamed into my eyes. There were no safety ropes. Suddenly I lost my grip on the rock and plummeted 35 feet off a cliff.

It’s called Deep Water Soloing. Psycho Bouldering. Psicobloc. Basically you scale rocky cliffs over the ocean without using ropes. The deep water below acts as protection when you fall.

There are certain areas of the world where the sport is quite popular, like the islands around Railay Beach in Southern Thailand.

The landscape around Railay is covered with striking Karst limestone cliffs jutting out of the earth. Climbers from all over the world flock here to test improve their skills. It’s a rock climbing paradise.

Deepwater Solo Climbing Thailand

My Attempt at Deepwater Solo Climbing

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