Costa Rica Photography: Beautiful Wildlife and Nature

Rio Celeste Waterfall Costa Rica

Rio Celeste Waterfall

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a vibrant country full of incredible natural beauty where you can discover waterfalls, jungles, volcanoes, and wildlife. A nature photography paradise.

After a month exploring Costa Rica, she has seduced me with her charms. I secretly want to keep her all to myself… but that would be selfish!

So I’ve reluctantly decided to share her with you.

The photography opportunities in Costa Rica are fantastic, and once you see these photos you’ll know exactly why I fell in love with this fascinating Central American country.

From pristine cloud forests, remote beaches, exotic wildlife and giant volcanoes — Cost Rica is extremely diverse, with a little bit of everything for the adventurous traveler or photographer.

Sit back to enjoy this virtual photography tour of Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Coati Corcovado Costa Rica

Coati Eating a Halloween Crab

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