Big City Living in Tegucigalpa

12 Angry Men

While I was roaming the area, a posse of young men started yelling at me from a distance. They were visibly drunk and looking to pick a fight at 11:00 in the morning.

Many poor Hondurans living in the countryside migrate to Tegucigalpa searching for work. Often there is none available for them. This is a big reason why crime is so bad – people are desperate here.

But it was easy for me to keep clear of this angry group of drunks. Guatemala City was starting to feel safer to me than this place!

Luckily I wasn’t around for much longer. My sight-seeing in Tegucigalpa consisted of automatic weapons, razor wire, out-of-work drunks, and urban sprawl.

The whole experience was eye-opening – but it was time for me to continue my journey South. ★

What About You?

Ever visited a city that you didn’t feel very safe in?

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Details Information:

Location/Map: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Place to Stay: Casa del Viajero Hotel ($64 US)
Useful Notes: Exploring the city on your own is possible, just be careful and be smart. Going with a group is probably safer.[/message]


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