Big City Living in Tegucigalpa

Operation Don’t-Get-Robbed

After meeting with the friendly charity staff (sadly no offers to become a secret agent), there were a few hours to kill before my bus ride out of the city and across the border into Nicaragua. So I decided to “gear up” for a covert photography session in the streets.

To prepare for the mission I wore my dirtiest-looking clothes, stashed my police-strength pepper spray into an easy access pocket, and wrapped my big DSLR camera in a Keffiyah scarf. You can never be too careful! 😀

Unfortunately despite my preparations, I still stood out like a sore thumb in this city. Everyone was staring at the bald-headed gringo wandering around alone through the streets on foot.

Taxi cabs began pulling over even though I hadn’t flagged them down. The drivers couldn’t possibly understand why I’d want to walk when they had a perfectly good car ready to take me anywhere.

River of Trash in Tegucigalpa

River of Trash

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