Big City Living in Tegucigalpa

Rich Gringo Syndrome

White skin doesn’t always help you travel cheaply in big Latin American cities. The taxi I found wanted $120 Lempiras ($6 US) which is 6 times the price of a cab ride in the nearby town of Comayagua.

The driver naturally assumed I was a millionaire like all gringos are, and adjusted his prices accordingly. Eventually I talked him down to $90 Lempiras ($4.50 US) though, and off we went. I can already tell I don’t want to visit the city for very long…

Secret Embassy Meetup

My first order of business was to rendezvous with a Dr. Juan Almendares, founder of the Honduran charity Movimiento Madre Tierra. I chose to give his anti-mining organization the donations you guys made through my site last month.

I phoned the good doctor from my razor-wire protected hotel balcony to schedule an appointment the next day. “Meet me in front of the Brazilian Embassy” he says.

The Brazilian Embassy? Isn’t that where ex-Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, sought asylum after he was ousted by a military coupe in 2009? It all seemed a bit James Bond-ish..

Fruit Vendor in Tegucigalpa

Cheap Delicious Fruit Stalls

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