20 Best Road Trips In Australia For Adventure Seekers

Australia, the ‘Land Down Under’ cannot be explored to its fullest until and unless you have taken your family on an adventurous road trip. Yes, the country is so vast and has such rich natural beauty and culture that it can be best discovered by road. Lets take this discussion further as we list down the top 20 best road trips in this amazing land for our adventure crazy readers that are planning to take a road trip soon.

1. The Savannah Way, Queensland

In this list of the top road trips in Australia, The Savannah Way comes first as its regarded as one of the ultimate road trips in the world and stretches as far as 3700 kms. The journey begins from Cairns and ends in Broome. In all you should expect to cover almost some important destinations from east to western most point of Australia like Cobbold Gorge, Undara Lava Tubes, Boodjamulla National Park and the gorgeous Millaa Millaa Waterfalls.

Best Road Trips

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