18 Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa

South Africa is a diverse country, which makes it to become one of the most visited countries all over the world. Each year, millions of tourists would visit the country to experience its stunning sights and witness some cultural attractions. But aside from the beautiful sceneries and the fascinating cultural attractions, there are actually several other interesting sites to see in South Africa. Below is a list of the top 18 tourist attractions in this country.

1. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

The Victoria Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town is one of the most visited destinations in the country. The place is well renowned as a shopping destination, where you can also find some of the best restaurants and nightspots. The waterfront is set against the backdrop of mountain views, making it one of the most picturesque spots in South Africa.

Waterfront in Cape Town

Image Credit: Capespirit

2. Kruger National Park

When we think of Africa, one of the things that will come to mind is an African Safari. So if you want to experience this kind of adventure in South Africa, then head over to the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The park is considered as one of the biggest game reserves all over Africa, spanning an area of almost 20,000 square kilometers. Here, you get to experience a real life experience with several wild animals, such as the king of the jungle, an African elephant, leopards, and so much more.

biggest game reserves in Africa

Image Credit: Wildlife Tours

3. Gold Reef City, Johannesburg

If you are heading to Johannesburg during your South African vacation, then head over to the Gold Reef City. This especially applies to those who are visiting the country with the entire family and some small kids. Gold Reef is an amusement park and is themed from gold. In fact, there is a museum there that is dedicated to the gold mining that is taking place on the grounds of the park.

gold theme amusement park

Image Credit: Flickr

4. Table Mountain, Cape Town

The Table Mountain in Cape Town is also one of the most picturesque sites in South Africa so this is one of the places that you should visit when taking a vacation to the country. This is a flat topped mountain that has become a prominent landmark in Cape Town and overlooks the entire city. It’s so famous that you can find it even on the flag of Cape Town and other government insignia.

most picturesque sites

Image Credit: Cape Town Daily Photo

5. Western Cape Wine Routes

If you are a wine lover, then one of the sites that you should visit in South Africa is the Western Cape Wine Routes. Located in the province of Western Cape, the area is home to so many vineyards and this is where you can sample some of the best wines in the world. From red wines to the Sauvignon blancs, the vineyard is definitely the best spot for all wine lovers.

Western Cape vineyards

Image Credit: Cape Explorer

6. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is situated just right at the foot of the Table Mountain. This botanical garden is just one of the nine gardens all over South Africa. Yet, Kirstenbosch is the most famous because of its majestic views. The garden also features a large conservatory that exhibits several different plant species.

garden with majestic views

Image Credit: Wikipedia

7. Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

Another botanical garden that should be on your list of places to see in South Africa is the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens. This botanical garden is said to be the youngest of all the National Botanical Gardens in South Africa. It has stunning views, and in fact, it was hailed as one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. It also features a restaurant, nursery and a gift shop.

most beautiful botanical gardens

Image Credit: countrylife

8. Durban Beachfront in KwaZulu-Natal

If you want to frolic in the South African waters, then head over to the Durban Beachfront in KwaZulu-Natal. This place is one of those sites where you will find several tourists lounging on the beachfront cottages. The beachfront is situated right in between the Dairy Beach and the Bay of Plenty. There are also plenty of tourist accommodations nearby.

beachfront cottages in South Africa

Image Credit: southafrica

9. Cango Caves Oudtshoorn

The Cango Caves Oudtshoorn is located in the foothills of the Swartberg range. It is just near the Western Cape Province. It is one of the most beautiful tourist caves in the world and attracts millions of visitors yearly. And although this extensive system of tunnels is more than four kilometers long, only a quarter of it is open for tourists who can only visit the site through an organized tour guide.

most beautiful tourist caves

Image Credit: Travelstart

10. KwaZulu-Natal Game Parks

If you want to experience the exciting wildlife in Africa, then the KwaZulu-Natal Game Parks is one of the places to do this. The game park features is situated right in the forest, through the tropical savannahs of the Zululand where you get to experience a close encounter to the “Big Five”, the rhino, elephant, buffalo, leopard and of course, the king of the jungle.

exciting wildlife in Africa

Image Credit: southafrica

11. Shakaland Zulu Villages

The Shakaland Zulu Villages was originally built for the movie Shaka Zulu, a film that documented the life of one of Africa’s most influential leaders. If you want a cultural experience during your travel in South Africa, then book a tour to the Shakaland Zulu cultural village, where you get to witness and perhaps, stay on one of the beehive huts.

cultural experience in Africa

Image Credit: safarisonline

12. Cape Point, Cape Town

The Cape Point in Cape Town is one of the most spectacular sights in South Africa that you should not miss when holidaying in the country. Aside from the spectacular view, you will be able to have a glimpse on the most beautiful lighthouse in the South African coast that guides ships safely on the perilous waters which actually took away several vessels in the past.

spectacular sights in South Africa

Image Credit: Wikivillage

13. The Garden Route

The Garden Route is also one of those sites in South Africa that features stunning scenery. It is a stretch of water in the South Eastern coast of the country and extends towards Mossel Bay, right in the Western Cape. It is called the “Garden Route” because of the ecologically diverse vegetation in this area where you will find several lagoons and lakes along the coast.

ecologically diverse vegetation

Image Credit: Dive and Travel

14. Ostrich Farms in Oudtshoorn

The Ostrich Farms in Oudtshoorn is not just a farm for it also features Ostrich shows which are truly entertaining. It is located right in the Cango Valley outside Oudtshoorn. This is certainly a unique attraction since you can rarely find an Ostrich show farm in other countries. If you are heading to the Cango Caves, you can drop by at this farm since it is located nearby.

entertaining Ostrich shows

Image Credit: Panoramio

15. Robben Island in Cape Town

The Robben Island in Cape Town is an island that is situated in the Table Bay, which is about 7 kilometers away from the coast of Bloubergstrand in Cape Town. The island has become famous because of the fact that the popular South African President, Nelson Mandela, was imprisoned here. The famous president spent ten years being a political prisoner on this island.

Island in the Table Bay

Image Credit: Dailymail

16. Blyde River Canyon in Mpumalanga

The Blyde River Canyon in Mpumalanga is another popular spot in Africa that one should not miss to visit. It has the most picturesque views of lush subtropical foliage and is hailed as one of the largest canyons all over the world. The canyon as well as the Drakensberg escarpment nearby are among the most visited spots in South Africa and are therefore supported by a good public infrastructure so visiting here won’t be a problem.

largest canyons all over the world

Image Credit: Wikipedia

17. Private Game Parks and Reserves in Mpumalanga

Another way to experience the exciting wildlife in South Africa is to stay at one of the private game parks and game reserves situated in Mpumalanga. There are plenty of accommodations available for you to book. You can choose from a luxurious villa that overlooks the picturesque lush forests in Mpumalanga or perhaps a hotel right in the middle of the jungle where you get to have a close encounter with wildlife species.

exciting wildlife in South Africa

Image Credit: Kiwi Collection

18. Cradle of Humankind

The Cradle of Humankind is one of the World Heritage Sites named by UNESCO. It is located about 50 kilometers away from Johannesburg, right in the Gauteng province. The site features a complex of limestone caves where a 2 million year old fossil has been discovered. The site is called as such since it is said to have produced a large number of human fossils, dating back from several million years ago.

large number of human fossils

Image Credit: explorer.timeslive

So as you can see, there are absolutely so many tourist attractions in South Africa. Whether you want to take part in a wildlife adventure in the jungle, or perhaps, experience the South African culture or witness the most beautiful sceneries on Earth, visiting the country for once in your life is a definite must.

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