15 Best Beaches In The World For 2015

We all dream all year long about our little summer vacation, and most of us picture the perfect summer trip on a sunny beach with crystal clear water, cold drinks and eye-catching landscapes. No crowds, no noise, just pure relaxation and fun. If you plan to spend your summer at the beach, here is a useful list with the top 15 best beaches in the world for 2016:

1. Baia do Sancho, Brazil

Voted by many tourists and bloggers as the “number 1 beach in the world” this wonder of nature has to be on this list with the best beaches in the world. There is no way someone could forget about this experience. The cliffs are breath-taking, the sand is white as snow, the water is the purest shade of turquoise and the whole place has that natural charm that the human has not been able to change.

Best Beaches In The World

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