15 Best Beach Resorts in Fiji

Planning the next beach summer vacation can be a very heavy task for those who are not too keen on the best destinations our world has to offer. Where should be the next beach adventure? How about going somewhere exotic and extra ordinary? Fiji could be the best place for anyone’s next big summer, sand, sea and surf adventure. Fiji’s tourism is primarily focused more in making their white sandy beaches and picturesque sceneries be known to the world.

Any adventurers at heart will not only enjoy their rest and relaxation in this side of the world, but they can also experience the wonders of what the nature has to offer. Yes, Fiji is the best place for scuba diving and coral reef watching. Fiji also offers a variety of good accommodations ranging from mid-priced affordable hotels for the travelers on budget and highly priced ones for those who prefer the more luxurious services of five star beach resorts. Listed below are fifteen of the best beach resorts in Fiji that no vacationer will ever regret staying.

1. Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island

Radisson Blue Hotels and Resorts in Fiji is a resort surrounded with lagoons and lush tropical gardens. Also located just second away from the sandy beaches where waking up to the sound of waves and sea breeze can be so magical.

Fiji Beach Resorts

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