What Are The Rules To Be Followed To Visit Egypt As A Tourist? Let Us Tell You

Egypt is a great place to travel to study and for business purposes and there are several other things in EgyptThat make it incredible. Nowadays there are plenty of people travelling to Egypt with purposes like business meetings, Business setups, studies, work purposes and also for tourism. He the tourism industry in Egypt is pretty much bigger as compare to many other nations in the world. There is increasing number of tourists every year visiting Egypt and therefore there is a higher risk of terrorism and unfair trade practices.

To get free from the worries of terrorism and other bad things, there are a set of rules that are necessary to be followed by every visitor who has got Egypt Visa for Hungarian Citizens. The set of rules unnecessary to be followed and if you do not follow the rules you will not be allowed to visit Egypt no matter what you do. If you are willing to travel Egypt, no matter what is the purpose, it is necessary for you to know about the rules and regulations that you are supposed to follow while applying and visiting Egypt.

Let us tell you about them

As the trade restrictions are made more complicated, it has been made compulsory to be followed by every person visiting Egypt. The Egypt embassy has full control over deporting any of the visitors back to his country if you do not follow the rules.

  • Your passport must have validity of six months

One of the most important rule that is to be served while applying for an Egypt Visa for Hungarian Citizens is that the passport of the applicant must have a validity left of at least six months. There is no general criteria for maximum validity period but talking about the lower limit it must not be less than six months to avoid any kind of problems.

  • The period

When you are applying for and Egypt Visa for Hungarian Citizens, it is very necessary to follow the stay according to the purpose. It is prescribed in the rules that if you are travelling to Egypt for a business purpose or for a tourism purpose, you are not allowed to stay for more than a period of 30 days. If you are found staying in Egypt after those 30 days, you will be prosecuted according to the law.

  • The purpose

Another most important rule that is supposed to be followed while visiting Egypt is regarding the purpose when you are getting Egypt Visa for Hungarian Citizens, the purpose can only be business or tourism or study. Under no circumstances, you can apply for the other visas and get to work in Egypt.


It in some of the most important rules and regulations for visiting Egypt through a business or tourist Visa are covered here. If you are also visiting Egypt, you must follow the given rules and regulations. Mere breach of one rule can get you in trouble and deported back to your country.

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