The Best Time in Florida with the Catamaran

Your advisors will guide you step by step in your cruises research to book the best catamaran. There are companies in Florida offers only professional rental catamarans selected according to strict specifications (catamaran maintenance, reception, equipment). Check the seriousness of your renter, the reliability of his company and the opinions of his former customers. We do not recommend renting your catamaran to an unknown individual, especially for a cruise of several days, for obvious security reasons. In this case you need to know the process to rent a catamaran in Florida while you are in Miami.  

Other Information on professional catamaran rentals

The sea remains an unpredictable world and a nice holiday on the water can turn into a nightmare. The famous catamaran rent shops therefore recommends that all mariners ensure the quality of the renter or the rental agency. The shops spend a lot of time and energy selecting the best rental bases in the world. Unless you personally know a trusted owner, experts strongly discourage catamaran sailors from renting a catamaran to a stranger. Every year, many customers ask us at the last minute because of a canceled reservation or damage on board the catamaran. While the price of your rental may be more competitive with an individual than a professional rental, but these additional costs ensure your safety and that of the entire crew. As well as a 100% successful holiday.


What's better than the idleness to decompress? On the program: board games, foot on the beach, sunbathing. It are also the moment to open.

Canoe / Kayak / Paddle

Early in the morning, put your balance to the test. Before the sun is at its peak, enjoy the pleasures of the ocean and go explore the coast in canoe, kayak or paddle. To avoid unpleasant surprises, check before your departure that your catamaran has this equipment. Also think of sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Canoe Kayak Paddle


If your schedule allows (HB engine> 40CV), enjoy an afternoon water ski or wakeboard. It is an activity that will delight lovers of thrills and gliding. Waterski Wakeboard


An underwater stroll is the activity at sea par excellence. Discover the seabed with mask, snorkel and fins provided with your rental. Avoid areas with strong currents and do not forget your buoy on the surface, especially in the recreational areas.

Activity more or less sporty, fishing

With the cane, the troll or the harpoon, the big one or on foot, the fishing will surely delight all the crew of the catamaran. Fish in the West Indies (crabs, lobsters, tuna, sea bream and captains), in the Atlantic (bars, sea bream, clams, whiting and spiders) or in the Mediterranean Sea (sea bream, sea bass, squid, sole and prawns). Lunch is served. Sea fishing

After the effort, comfort

It's time to cook the fish caught and sit down. Our favorite recipe: the white fish marinade with lime, citrus juice, chopped mint and grated ginger, accompanied by a seasonal salad. And for those who prefer a good hot meal, bake the fish for 30 minutes in the oven.


After 3:15 and the Ricard, late afternoon, it's cocktail parties (in moderation of course). Taste the famous "afterglow" (grenadine syrup, orange juice and pineapple juice, ingredients that you will necessarily have on board the catamaran). For the thirstiest, attack with mojito (white rum, lime juice, sparkling water and mint leaves). Aperitif on a catamaran

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