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How to Invite Yourself Over for Dinner in Croatia

In Croatia, it’s common to see clotheslines unresolved between a streets and most to a difficulty of a locals, there’s zero tourists adore some-more than photographing their laundry. The ancient walls and hull along a Dalmatian seashore tell a story of a past, though a clotheslines tell a story of a city’s vital inhabitants.

(Photo: Jamie Ditaranto)

When we got to the tiny strand city of Trogir, a clothesline with 7 aprons and twenty kitchen towels told me that we had arrived. we had come to a home of Tatjana Ciciliani, a eminent Croatian prepare and my group’s horde for a night, whose cooking—which has been featured in Saveur Magazine and on an part of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern—is deliberate symbolic of Croatian cuisine. Tonight, a tiny Secret Dalmatia debate organisation would be spending a dusk during her home, enjoying a really possess one-table grill experience.

Dinner in croatia
(Photo: Jamie Ditaranto)

Tatjana and her father Caja met us during a pathway and welcomed us into a tiny yard filled with plants, pottery, and glassware. Scattered about a yard like musical trinkets were jars brewing several marinades and liquors. Caja explained that a home had been in his family for a past dual hundred years, though they had usually recently remade a downstairs area into a stream part-kitchen, part-dining room set up. Tatjana acted playfully in front of a pathway as we photographed her in her kitchen, forgetful momentarily that we were not usually in some rustically-designed restaurant, though in a vital home.

Dinner in Croatia: The Taste of Inspiration

Dinner in croatia
(Photo: Jamie Ditaranto)

We followed her into a dining area, where she had set a list with a basket of pomegranates as a centerpiece. From a walls hung an suave collection of black-and-white photographs, paintings, and aged iron tools. Tatjana slipped behind a opposite flashy with a colorful fibre of paper fans, where she continued to prepare and lift on conversation.

“I never know what I’m going to make until that morning when we go to a market, demeanour around, and see what’s good … and afterwards we decide,” she told us while arranging lustrous tomato slices onto slices of bread for bruschetta. “And given we never write any of my recipes down, any night is different.”

What creates each plate in Tatjana’s home so sparkling is a believe a food is theme to her every whim, changing form constantly before nearing on a image in front of you.

We staid down during a list and Caja poured a booze and entertained us with stories of how a he and Tatjana met. From a bruschetta appetiser to a zucchini pasta tossed with morsels of shrimp, all Tatjana baked for us was fresh, expertly-made, and somehow, notwithstanding a group’s common unawareness with normal Croatian cuisine, done us all feel during home.

Dinner in croatia
(Photo: Jamie Ditaranto)

As Caja served us fish that had been held progressing that day, Tatjana squeezed behind a chairs to trim pieces from a plant in a corner. When we asked if it was for us, she chuckled and told me she had usually suspicion to supplement it. Moments later, a plate of baked polenta seemed flashy with tiny sprigs from a creatively plucked fennel.

Tatjana’s dishes finish with dessert and a potion of homemade cherry brandy, though a night ends with a brief travel around Trogir guided by Tatjana herself. “I’m not an central guide,” she warned us, “but we consider since we don’t assign extra, it’s okay.”

As we followed a horde by a slight alleyways and courtyards of her home town, fluttering along to her neighbors as they greeted us, Tatjana regaled to us a story of Trogir, a city built by Romans, ruled by Venetians, and now one that finally belonged to a Croatians, who continue to prepare and live by a sea, unresolved their washing in a streets to dry.

Dinner with Tatjana can usually be requisitioned by Secret Dalamatia. Serving usually one organisation per night, it is best to make your reservation with during slightest 48 hours notice. The cost of cooking is $120 per person, though she also offers private cooking classes for $150 per person. To book this believe hit reservations@secretdalmatia.com.  

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