How Does MOR Vacations Compare With Other Vacations Clubs?

Members Only Resort Vacations sells a vacation club membership to the public through network marketing. They are known as MOR Vacations for short. While the membership has been sold to the public since 1985, customer service has generally been provided over the phone. MOR Vacations has updated the product and given members access to special insider only travel deals over the internet in addition to the phone support system.

Others offer similar vacation club memberships. Here, we will take a look at the MOR Vacations travel membership program and how it stacks up. While much of the general public may not be familiar with the vacation club industry, many travelers are. Some vacation clubs are very similar to timeshare ownership. The big difference is that vacation club members are generally not locked into just one resort. Some of the big names involved are Disney Vacation Club, Marriott Vacation Club and Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

There are many other vacation clubs available that generally offer the same or better value than the brand name ones. Many of these vacation club memberships are sold timeshare style at seminar events just like the brand names. Vacation club memberships can range from about $5000, with very limited resort availability to over $20,000 for luxury clubs that may offer 30 or more resorts.

Just like with the ownership of timeshares, most vacation clubs charge yearly fees. It could be a maintenance charge of over $1000, but it could range down to a yearly renewal fee of $199 or even $99. Extra fees should be taken into consideration by prospective buyers. For some, the fees are subject to increases and many memberships are in effect for 100 years.

Like other vacation clubs, MOR Vacations offers members the ability to stay at luxury condominium resorts. The vacation club members can choose from over 5400 resorts worldwide. Members can choose from hundreds of thousands of weeks available starting at $149 for an entire week. Vacation clubs offer members access to condo resorts a number of different ways. Large inventories are created by purchasing weeks up to a year in advance and plugging into systems that add additional inventory throughout the year as weeks become available.

A vacation club like MOR Vacations offers members many insider deals that are not available to the general public. Package tour companies and cruise lines don't want to advertise the excess inventory deals they offer. They feel full fare customers would feel they were cheated. However, since those cruise lines and tour companies still need to fill cabins, airline seats, and hotel rooms, they will make special offers available to vacation club members.

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