5 Money-Wasting Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a UK Trip

Campervan holidays provide an ideal means of exploring the beautiful British countryside. With warmer weather now gracing our fine shores, you might think of loading up a campervan and heading for the open road. Whether you're deciding to hit the Yorkshire Dales, the Scottish Highlands or Devonshire coast, a campervan trip can be a lot more affordable than other types of holidaymaking. That's not to say that it's always smooth sailing for tighter budgets, but with simple money-saving tips, your motor home trip can set off on the right start by being as cost-effective as possible. Here are 5 money-wasting mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Renting Right
If you are tight on cash, it is much more cost-effective to hire a vehicle rather than buy. With a plenitude of motor homes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, you need to pick the right campervan for you and your family's needs. If the motor home is too small, you may find yourself spending unnecessary extra money on an emergency B&B or hotel room. When looking through the specs of budget campervans and cheap campervans for hire, opt for a van that's not too large as to guzzle up petrol and not too small as to make for cramped sleeping conditions. You need something practical and economical.

2. Not Researching
Although it sounds like common sense, so many camping holidaymakers do not research their trip thoroughly and carefully. This includes everything from pre-booking your campsite slot to checking road closures. Booking ahead ensures that you reserve a space, giving you better control over your budget with no unexpected additional stays, unplanned routes or hotel bookings. If you are looking for a more rustic and primitive spot without amenities (provided you have a toilet and shower in your van, of course), you can save alot of money. Research each site, join online groups like Facebook and find out what to expect beforehand.

3. Travelling in Peak Season
Although the summer months are the best for sunny British weather, some time slots will see inflated seasonal prices at prime locations and increased traffic. You can cut costs by avoiding the prime campervan months between June to August. There are many fantastic spots throughout the UK that are open all year round. If you have no other choice, you can still find some good offers by searching around and choosing roads less travelled and booking well in advance.

4. Not Planning Petrol Points
Many campervan holidays can be hit by high-cost motorway services. When planning your journey, always pinpoint supermarket re-fuelling stops. You can find many petrol prices online with websites like Petrol Prices. Supermarkets usually offer far cheaper petrol costs than motorway service stations. What's more, by being more fuel efficient in your driving, you can also save costs in the long run.

5. Choosing Paid Attractions
Although you won't want to avoid all paid attractions, you can save costs by choosing areas with free activities and events, such as coastal walks and picnics. The UK offers many free galleries, museums and attractions, with plenty of beautiful natural landmarks and historic villages to visit. If you are a frequent visitor to English Heritage or National Trust sites, you may want to consider opting for membership. The free parking and entry tickets will soon pay for the membership cost.

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