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Canada being the largest country in North America, is filled with many beautiful features such as gorgeous mountains and hills, beaches and coastlines, virgin forests still untouched, prairies etc for the tourists to enjoy.It is said that no matter which nation you are from, the Canadian multicultural communities will make you feel at home whenever you visit. Here are the 18 best places to visit in Canada the next time you are holidaying there.

1. Calgary

After oil was discovered nearby the Calgary, the city boomed to developed state it is today and what attracts many people each year to this city is the Calgary Stampede, the world-famous rodeo event of the city.

Places to Visit in Canada

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2. Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is located at the meeting point of the 3 rivers Rideau and Gatineau in the South Eastern Ontario and many establishments such as finance, federal and commercial establishments are located there. Ottawa’s largest attraction point is the Rideau canal but it changes to the largest ice skating ring in the winter.

Places to Visit in Canada

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3. Whistler

If you are looking for alpine shy destinations, this is the largest and the most famous for it in the North America. The main reason for that is the 2 gorgeous mountains the Whistler and the Blackcomb. The whistler keeps you attracted and busy for any day of the year and whenever you visit the place, you will never be disappointed

most famous alpine ski destination in North America

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4. Churchill

Also called as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”, this is a small village of about only 1000 residents and year round many number of tourists visit this place, not for anything else but the most favored inhabitants living here, the Polar Bears. Churchill is also the home for viewing beluga whales, the aurora borealis and the birds.

Polar Bear Capital of the World

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5. Quebec City

This is the capital of the Quebec province of the eastern Canada but it appears like a small European village due to its French heritage, architecture and language. The most photographed hotel in the North America which is the picturesque and gorgeous Chateau Frontenac is also located here and has always been a no.1 tourist attraction since it offers tours even when you are not intending to spend the night at the guiding hotel.

Places to Visit in Canada

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6. Toronto

One of the largest cities in North America, Toronto is the capital of Ontario with the maximum population of Canada living there. The city is also famous for having one of the magnificent cultural diversities among ethnic districts like Chinatown, Little India and Little Italy.

Places to Visit in Canada

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7. Montreal

Montreal is the cultural and financial capital of the Quebec province, and outside of France, this city has the largest amount of people speaking French as a language. The city is famous for history and entertainment at the same time.

Places to Visit in Canada

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8. Niagara Falls

Situated at the border of Canada’s Ontario and United States’ New York, this is the collection of three waterfalls, this is often called the “Honeymoon Capital of the World” even though many families come together to visit the beautiful falls.

Places to Visit in Canada

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9. Banff National Park

This is one of the largest and most visited National Parks of the Canadian nation while at the same time being Canada’s first National Park. The Banff National Park is famous for its breathtaking views and wildlife

Places to Visit in Canada

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10. Vancouver

Vancouver is favored mostly for its majestic landscapes and there are a lot of things you can do there, in one single day. For example you can swim in the ocean, go through scenic parks and snow ski in the mountains. This is the third largest metropolitan area of the country and one of the most frequently visited sights in Canada.

Best Places to Visit in Canada

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11. The Discovery Islands

This is an untamed collection of islands which cannot be reached by car or foot and demands only to be reached by kayak but the struggle and the trouble totally worth what it offers in return. You can enjoy the luxuriant endless beaches, the beautiful green forests, the oceans together with the changing sunset colors at the horizons together with the jaw dropping views of the mountains. If you visit from June through September, you can have a relaxation that will sooth your soul.

Best Places to Visit in Canada

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12. Thompson Okanagan

A day spent around here will give you a wonderful time at the Canada’s only true desert, Helmcken Falls, hiking through the rain forests looking at the Mount Robson so gracefully lit by the moonlight creating a mesmerizing scenery. Apart from that you can also have walks along the long stretching wine yards.

Best Places to Visit in Canada

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13. Victoria

This small town is the capital of British Columbia and is known as the “City of Gardens” because of the beautiful small gardens the town has everywhere. The place is ideal for a relaxing holiday where you can enjoy the bohemian shops, cafés and restaurants owned by the local people, and about a dozen craft breweries.

Best Places to Visit in Canada

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14. Saskatoon

This is one of the fast growing cities of Canada and recently it is been budding with new cafes restaurants and breweries. The city is more alive during the summer with folk festivals jazz and theater, and is the best time to go there for a visit or stay.

Best Places to Visit in Canada

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15. Big Muddy Valley

It has been a hideout of many famous local bandits during the past, you can find the Big Muddy Valley hidden from the everyday attention North to the US border and everyday it keeps attracting people for its buttes carved by the winds, deep cut sandstone ravines and the very famous prickly pear cacti.

Best Places to Visit in Canada

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16. Nahanni National Park Reserve

Nahanni National Park Reserve is the entry point for reaching Canada’s deepest ancient river canyons under 3000 feet which are still unreached and untouched since the late ice age times which had been the home to the Dene people before thousands of years. The entire park is covering an area about almost 12,000 square miles and you can visit the park and enjoy the beauty of the nature timelessly.

Best Places to Visit in Canada

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17. Great Bear Rainforest

“The planet’s last large expanse of coastal temperate rain forest”, is what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr calls this rainforest. This 21 million acre wilderness is sometimes called the Amazon of the North. The place is abundant with wildlife and if you are lucky enough you might come across a cougar, a sea lion, a sea otter, Sitka deer, Grizzly bear etc abundantly here.

Canada's Top 18 Places to Visit

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18. Gulf and Bowen Islands

In Canada’s west coast, the Gulf and Bowen Islands are blessed with sun than any other place in Canada. There are fig trees, kiwi fruit, and alligator lizards, manzanita bushes and grapes which will make you admire the beauty of the nature as you like it.

Canada's Top 18 Places to Visit

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Canada is one the most beautiful places on earth to witness the natural beauty as well as the urban luxuries and no matter what you want to do while you are there, Canada offers it all. Make sure you visit these places on your next time to Canada to get the most brilliant Canadian experience ever.

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